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Thread: More Strength, But No Weight

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    More Strength, But No Weight

    I started the 5x5 program a few months ago, started eating massively, used results, maximus, and ets, gained 60 pounds on bench press in 2 months, but only 5 pounds, what am I doing wrong, im trying to get 15 pounds in 45 days. what should i do. im thinking about rotating from 5x5 to 10x10 alternating in everyweek.

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    eat yourself sick each meal. mcdonalds.
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    Eat more. It is great that you got stronger but if you want to put on mass you HAVE to eat. No one can fight thermodynamics, not even (insert god here).

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    i have always struggled with the same problem....i can tell you now that the main response you will get is "EAT MORE"!!!!!! i am still learning about the "bulk" phase as well. i thought i bulked over the winter but now realize that i did not do it correctly. my goal was to gain 15lb's and then cut in the summer and hope for a net gain of approx. 5 lbs muscle. i only gained about 9 lbs. the highest i ever got my calories was about 3500 per day, but now i realize i needed much more and i should have done less conditoning work. also, i have always done my lifting kind of "circuit style" without much rest in between sets. seems that this style burns more fat but is not that good for gaining weight. i am by far an expert but these are a couple of my thoughts. i am sure some more educated people will chime in. good luck.

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    I was looking into the 5x5 program but it was kinda confusing...can you explain it?

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    5x5 would mean 5 sets of 5 reps. is that what you meant?

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    strength just means your CNS is telling your body how to use the provided muscle to move x-amount of weight..this is why your body grows stronger before it grows LARGER...

    start stuffing face and taking quality supplements and it'll start coming on.. try atlarge's maximus or nitrean protien shakes to get that quality muscle building goodness in your system! Maximus especially if you're having hell getting the cals in you need.
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    Eat More...
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigDanny817 View Post
    Eat More...
    Whoa... good thing you showed up!

    I don't think he would have got that answer otherwise!

    Sorry for picking on you... I just found it funny that 5 out of 7 replies we're exactly the same.
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