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Thread: weighttraining and cardio

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    weighttraining and cardio

    Ive been lifting moderate weight for over 4 months now with good results. lately ive come to terms that i must do something about my belly fat if im gonna have a six pack but im confused about what to do.

    1. if i cut down on my carbs ( stop drinking juice during the day) will that hamper my muscle growth?

    2. If i do cardio 2 days a week will i lose muscle ?

    Ive heard you cant lost fat and build muscle at the same time is this true?

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    Gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time is pretty tricky. Dieting and routine must be extremely strict. For most people it is easier to try to gain mostly muscle with a little fat then cut the fat later. Unless your drinking homemade juice, you should probably cut it out either way. Most juices have as much if not more sugar than soda.
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    im pretty sure bottled juice is loaded with sugar fyi...

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