I often get asked how I train. I train very much based on how I feel, so that is a hard question to answer sometimes. I do have set days but my actual workouts very. If I have a competition coming up I have my way of peaking, but even that changes. It will change from meet to meet, as I change, my strengths change, my weaknesses change, and my life changes....ect

I decided to keep an online journal so I have a place to refer the many people that ask me the usual question "What is your workout?" LOL.

I typically train 3 days a week, Monday (squat day), Wednesday(bench day), Friday(deadlift day). When I can, I do rehab/prehab work on a few of my off days.

Right now I'm just maintaining and contemplating USPF Nationals in June.

I'm pretty busy working 80+ hours running my gym and personal training business. My free time I try and spend with my wife, 4 year old son and doberman!

So here it is, we'll see how it goes, some of the contraptions I come up with are hard to explain, hopefully I can include video every once in a while!