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Thread: General Chat questions we ask; are other sites' forums like this one?

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    General Chat questions we ask; are other sites' forums like this one?

    I noticed that people post a lot of different questions here in General Chat. "Can you help me with my relationship problems?" "I can't figure out this math problem." "What's a good video game?"

    I was wondering if any other niche web sites' forums get out-of-niche questions. Do sites like or or get questions like: "Help me re-evaluate my fitness regimen." Or "Should I do Rippetoe or Starr as a beginner?"

    Don't get me wrong, I like these "off-topic" questions, it helps create a sense of community in that we are sharing something of ourselves other than our love and sometimes frustrations with the iron game.

    I was just curious if other sites got niche questions, too.
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    Yeah, although this is the most serious of all the web forums I go to.
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    I also post on a board for Asheron's Call (and old school MMORPG), and there is nothing that doesn't belong there. Relationship problems, fitness advice (usually bad advice), sex talk, etc etc.

    This is general chat. I like that people are able to go off topic because let's face it, there's more to life than bodybuilding and sometimes it helps to have a good diverse group of people from all over the country (and sometimes world) to provide perspective. I can ask my friends for advice all the time, but they're my friends because we think alike, so their advice may not always be the best for me. I like to get differing opinions on matters and see all sides to an issue. Plus sometimes I need to post things here so people can call me an idiot and really bust on me until I get my head back on straight.

    I dunno, that's just me. I feel like general should be used for everything; if someone has a specific workout question or diet question there are appropriate subforums for those as well.
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