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Thread: torn bicep

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    torn bicep

    Hey- tore my bicep lifting in a meet. Haven't had an ultrasound yet, but it looks like a partial tear from the tendon. Anyone else been through this? Can you work around this and still do some type of training? I was thinking I should be ok squatting with a safety bar, ab work, belt squat, etc. Any worked through this injury- I'd be interested to know how you went about it.

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    i know Hoss recently did this before a meet, and trained right through it...i'd definetely use the time as a small break though.
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    Tore both my Distal tendons... in strongman training flipping tires..
    One 2 years ago... the other one last summer...
    I've recovered about 97% from both of them... I'm much stronger, but there is a tension in both of them that was never there before...

    Rehab.. rehab.. rehab...

    I also never got the surgery... doctors around here could not guarantee any more success then no surgery... but each situation is different, so listen to your doctors.. if they say surgery, you need to get it within the next couple of days...

    When it happened.. I took a week off both times... and then I was back in the gym squatting... after 10 days I was doing light pressing & Good mornings... 3 weeks after I was pulling... no curls or chins for about 6 weeks... but I did tons of lightweight (2 - 5 lb DBs) curls & massages ... after 3 months I was pretty much @80-90%... the first time, I even competed in my first PL contest almost exactly 3 months later..

    and listen to your docs.. but find a sports PT if possible... someone who knows strength sports...

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    And when you are healed...
    never, ever forget to warm up properly... stretch a lot (and stretching your arms/bis is not easy)... and make sure you understand & use proper technique

    For me... 1st time was a technique issue - on an unforgiving 900 lb tire..
    2nd time was a warm-up issue - just decided to go and flip that same unforgiving 900 lb tire a 2nd time...

    And I never really stretched my arms...
    I'm also old... so that makes it doubly bad...

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    I tore my left one doing pro armwrestling. Healed up fine with lots of ice, ibuprofen, time off etc. Thats why I started doing stuff for direct bicep work though, so I can make sure my arms are strong enough to handle the abuse I put them through

    I agree, go to the doc and find a PT and healing will come much faster

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