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    ron coleman classic meet results!

    okay i promised I'd put up pics no matter what kinda day I had... so here ya go guys! I weighed in at 252. And on that note I'm cutting down to 242 but anyway...I learned alot again today. I wanted to compete with the big boys and that I did and then some. I entered 275 open raw class again and had no problem taken second in the bench and the deadlift.. the numbers however were CRAP and I'll explain why. Along with missing alot of attempts, I made alot of rookie mistakes.. again see the explainations with every photo! I HAD A BLAST ANYWAY! okay here we go..

    I've never benched in a comp before so I wanted to make sure I atleast got my first two attempts and the goal was to put 400 on paper. With the elbow giving me problems for a few weeks and the training being abit out of whack.. I still felt it was reasonable. I DID NOT however realize how long of a pause we were supposed to hold at the bottom! I figured we'd touch and get a call up but nope! Some guys sat down at the bottom for three seconds at times until they had complete control of it at the bottom! I was told I was held two seconds but now seeing the vids for the first time myself... it wasn't that bad. BUT pausing SUCKS! HAHA! I was paranoid at warmed up and opened with 365. BECAUSE of the pausing issue... i hit 365 in warmup with a pause just to make sure I could get it! AND What did I do? DIDN'T WAIT FOR A RACK COMMAND! 365 OPENER DAMN NEAR A NO LIFT!!! BARELY caught the judge on teh lift command and they gave it to me. Here's the vid...

    my next attempt since 365 wasn't a big deal was 380 which is what i've been working with on my heavy days that are going to change next week.. this was the next attempt i wanted to make no problem before trying 4. On the liftoff my elbow started to bother me.. but i ignored it..380 vid.

    felt solid with 380 and ignored the elbow. I was hitting the bar right where i wanted and the groove and pressing was pretty smooth out of the hole even with the pause.. so I went for 400 to meet the goal I set! Muscled through this one. Elbow griped at me the whole damn time.. but I kept my arms tucked and landed it no problem... and my ass followed the bar on the way up right off the bench! No lift! I feel happy with it anyway. I did put up 400 in a meet raw..just not legally HAHA! weak press...but for how things have been i'm happy with it.

    DEADLIFTING was the same story..i'm so used to pulling a certain way that I BLEW my opener..but they let me move up anyway. 600 opener up and down no problem..AND NO DOWN COMMAND..oops.

    second attempt..was the best 650lb stiff leg'd dead you ever saw! HAHA! SMOOTH and without any problems. Just up and down and this time got my down command!

    700..what i've waited for forever...and blew it. got to shaking off the floor..and it opened my grip right up before I even had a chance. I was so ready for this one and blew it. I WILL GET IT NEXT MEET!!! I know i'm good for it.. i'm smoking everything that points to a 700lb pull. I'll just have to work on technique til then. 700 is a helluva SLDL!!! ;D

    the strongman comp was sick with a sixteen year old kid that kicked major ass in his class! put on a helluva show and will have a great future! Travis ortimayer gave us a guest lift during the strongman deadlift meet and pulled 810 NOT ONCE BUT TWICE! SICKEST THING I'VE SEEN IN PERSON! DAMN IT WAS BADASS! Did it EFFORTLESSLY! Honestly..big dude but not as big as i thought. ANd looking at the videos i can say the same for myself HAHA! I treated today just like another heavy lifting day in the gym. Ate like i normally do... approached things like I normally do..etc. Just made stupid ass mistakes that I will work on fixing! The show was awesome for the bber's and figure girls ofcourse with tons of good looking figure chicks all around wherever you looked.. and even got to see will harris and trey brewer (pics aren't working) but for those that bash trey.. he's a standup guy and BIG AS A ****ING TANK! i'VE NEVER SEEN SOMEONE SO DAMN BIG IN PERSON AND IF YOU THOUGHT BRANCH WARREN'S LEGS WERE SICK..YOU SHOULD SEE TREY'S!

    all in all i'm happy and i'm not... but i learned alot and that will help me later down the road! AND i got my ass handed to my by Josh Bryant..I'm sure a few of you guys have heard of him. 274lbs..raw benching 560 after j ust coming off of elbow surgery and pulled 810 both again RAW! HOLY HELL! Kinda hard to bitch when you got smoked coming through the door! DAMN it was awesome to see that happen...cept the 810 by bryant. I was in the bathroom taking a piss but the bench press was effortless! I woudl've smoked the 242's raw and even the 275 novices i'm told... so I'm glad I stuck with my original plan.

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    great job keep it up bro.
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    Nice work Ryan! Just get some leg drive going on the deads and you will get that 700 lbs easy!

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    great job man! keep workin at it

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    Very, very nice work man!

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    great lifting, gives me something to aspire to.
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    nice man. like you said, rookie mistakes. i do the same stuff.
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    thanks guys... i was in the gym today putting in the work for july! I'm starting my diet tomorrow.. 242's here i come!

    hahah yeah chris..people that watch me deadlift cringe. I'm the best sldl'er you'll ever meet! HAHA I'm working with a few guys to fix that and learn to get my hips down and pull BACK instead of just straight up. 700 will be mine..EVERY soon.
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