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Thread: ab specific day

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    ab specific day

    If I ever work my abs I usually just do 3 sets of extremely heavy incline or decline crunches. I have never really done twists or oblique work in my entire life. I was thinking of having an ab specific day like this. I'm curious if doing oblique and twist will benefit my general strength. I'm curious if anyone else has a similar ab day?

    3 sets each
    Decline or Incline Crunches
    Heavy Twists
    Side Bends

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    I have something like that, at the end of my lower body days i'll add in side bends/hanging knee's to elbows/leg raises.
    I wouldn't waste a whole day on them though
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    you can have a core/cardio day.. like rotations, planks, back extensions & crunches of course

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    that would be circuit training

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