Thanks to the wannabebig 3 day split I've bulked up fast.
I plan to continue this for about another 2 months(get to around 75kg) and then start lifting for strength 2 days a week and start a martial art for 2 days a week.
I need a full body strength routine(s)for twice a week.
I believe the rep range for strength is about 6 or less and that I should stick to compound lifts(squat, bench press etc.) but how many sets and how many exercises each day.
Should I do , say , 5 sets with reps something like 5 4 3 3 2 and continue until I do 5sets of 5 then increase the weight?
How long should I strength train before changing to power and strength endurance(4,5,6 months?)
Do I continue to maintain max strength while doing power/endurance training or do I keep alternating phase of max strength with power/endurance?
One other thing, I broke my left collar bone about 6 months ago and have still not worked the shoulder directly with weights although benching and other lifts are ok now.
When I tried direct shoulder lifts like military press, shoulder press and lateral raises I seemed to be engaging the back more than I should which left me with sore lats for a while. Which shoulder weight exercises would tend to engage the back less?