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Thread: I don't want to be one of those guys who gets winded walking up the stairs...

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    I don't want to be one of those guys who gets winded walking up the stairs...

    Is there anyway I can incorporate some cardio into my routine? I found an old skipping rope and I really want to get good at it(I watched a boxer skip rope extremely fast and got inspired). My parents are also considering buying a treadmill. I'm thinking if I do cardio, all I have to do is up my calorie intake to compensate for that. I also read an article and I've been reading around on the forums and everyone says do HIIT. But that's just intense running for a short amount of time, I'm talking about jogging/skipping rope for 30mins-1hour. Advice?

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    Cardio is great, but enjoy it in moderation to avoid developing a runner's build. Keep it under 40 minutes, there is no reason you can't be completely winded in much less time. Running, biking, swimming, all great for the body.
    Most guys on this forum will advocate for even less than that, but it's all personal preference. FYI, I'll always be winded at the top of the staircase after a good leg session even though I'm a long distance runner.
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    20min 3x a week is all you really need for cardio health. It shouldn't affect your lifting gains if that's all you do.
    HIIT can be applied to any type of cardio work not just running either.

    It is currently a fad, at this writing, for boys to think they need a "six pack", although most of them don't have an ice chest to put it in.
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    Check out the GPP forum and,
    also check out some of the Defrancos cardio strength stuff.

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