Ok bros...lets start getting things cracking around here. I am going to start putting up some threads, and I want all of you to respond. We have great lifters from all over the world on here and WE WANT to hear what you have to share! If you have ever written a response...and then not sent it....then its not too late....put it up so we all can learn. Lets hear about who you think is the best MASTER POWERLIFTER in the world right now.

I trained with DICK AUSTIN, owner of AUSTINS GYM for several years. He has done 402 bench officially, at 73 years old!! YOU READ THAT RIGHT! He is now 76 or 75...geez I cant remember......and ON ANY DAY OF THE WEEK CAN WALK IN AND DO 315 PLUS TOTALLY RAW AT ONLY 225 BW! Keep in mind he has done an official 600 squat as well at around 70 years old as well. He is someone I consider a big brother. Damian will also vouch for this guys amazing strength. Do you train with or have you competed with some strong master lifters? Please share your experiences right here please.

Semper Fi