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Thread: train squat/dl with same stance

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    train squat/dl with same stance

    I was just wondering if you guys happened to train both your squat and dl with your feet the same width apart or do some of you prefer squatting wide and deadlifting with a narrower stance (basically just non sumo)

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    its personal preference, i squat wide and DL really wide
    23 years old
    6'3, 308 lbs

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    470 Bench
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    1905 total

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    I used to squat and DL very very narrow. I've switched both to almost sumo. My reason for the switch was to help correct imbalance (weak hips and hams vs. quads).
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    I squat pretty wide and DL really close.

    Stats: Age: 34 Weight: 205 Height: 5'6"
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    Meet PRs: Squat:575 Bench:525 Deadlift:510 Total: 1605@220

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    I do both pretty narrow but not the same.

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