The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness
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The Five Biggest Contradictions in Fitness

It’s no secret that when people contradict themselves, it has the effect of making the flaws in their actions or statements seem glaringly obvious. But what about when WE ourselves get caught contradicting ourselves by someone else?

By: Nick Tumminello Added: January 6th, 2014
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    Feb 2008

    sitting shoulder press

    I dont know if just had some form problems or what but when I was doing overhead press standing i messed up my back. How much of a problem is it in rippetoes starting strength to do overhead press sitting down for back support?

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    If it bothers you standing, then sit.

    I've always had a bad back and could never do them with a decent weight standing either.


    You could also try putting your dominant foot slightly forward, and put a very slight bend in your knees.
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    You should address your weaknesses!

    Train your delts while seated for now, continue working on your lower back and slowly adjust your training so standing presses do not hurt. If it doesn't kill you ya, it will make you stronger.

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    If you must, wear a belt or do what Addam said, but I'd keep doing them standing.
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    Its not my lower back that hurts, I just pulled a muscle and ive only been doing heavy weight for a couple weeks now. more like my right lower lat that hurts. but whatever, I will just giv'r for now and see how it plays out. btw anybody know the correct form for standing ohp?

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    Take a grip that allows your forearms to be vertical to the ground when viewed from in front or behind--for most this will be 1-2" outside the shoulders. Feet should comfortably spaced; only a strict military press requires your heels to be together, which is turn requires much more core stability. Abs should be tight, with shoulder blades retracted. The bar rests on the anterior delts, or the chest depending on your flexibility, and the elbows should be in front of the bar when viewed from the side, but not excessively so (read: somewhere between vertical from the side, and the top clean position). Take a big breath and hold it. You're now ready to press!

    The #1 problem you'll see is people pressing the bar out in front of them. There's about a 6" lever arm created by the lateral distance between the scapula and the bar at the bottom position. To reduce this as much as possible, the bar should be pressed as close to the face as you can manage. Thereafter, you do not press it backwards to make up this distance--the bar parth should be a vertical line--but rather you move your torso forward, under the bar. The press is completed with the arms locked and shoulders shrugged. Note that at this point the bar will be well behind the forehead--directly over the scapula and the middle of the feet. Lower the bar to the chest, and exhale. That's one rep.
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    alright thanx. i was doing it right i guess it was just a freak accident. my back feels a hell of a lot better now so im excited about deadlifts tommorow

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    There is no way doing an exercise sitting -as oppose to standing- could provide MORE support for your back... The disks actually become loaded up with weight when you sit, about 80 lbs PSI per disk, and more down in the lumber disks, and that's not holding weights. I don't know why Rippetoe suggests you do them sitting (maybe because beginners are prone to cheating form) but I prefer to do everything that can be done standing, standing. Your assertion that the cause of your pain is only pulled muscles and not a misalignment in your spine, because pain from misalignment is always exacerbated when the pressure on the disks increase.

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    misunderstanding: mark says to do them standing... I would prefer sitting. the pain is not in my spine either it is more towards my obliques (around the lower lat). but I will just go ahead and do them standing because it isnt a big problem.

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    Just do it sitting, it is not that big of a deal

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    To avoid back injury while doing standing overhead press, you have to make sure to keep your hips forward by contracting your glutes throughout the entire movement. This will keep your lower back from hyperextending on you to gain leverage when you begin to push hard or stick. Just a really good tip.
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    ok. should i be arching my lower back at all?

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    keep your core tight while doing overhead press, it helps.
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