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Thread: Chest exercise and shoulder problems!

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    Chest exercise and shoulder problems!

    Everytime i bench now i have really bad shooting pains in the top part of my right shoulder, my left one is ok, its just my right. This as recently just started happening and its really getting on my nerves, anyone know what the problem is?. I have just recently started doing more back work too and i have put deadlifts back in my workout, could this be the problem or may it be something else?

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    It could be your form. How low do you bring the bar down towards your chest? Do you touch the bar to your chest? If so you'll probally find that your pain will subside when you modify your bench press.
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    AC joint, it happened to me. I went to the Docs and they said I had a strain of the AC joint. Says it happens a lot to people who bench press.

    I suggest you take some time off anything that hurts, see a Doc Make sure you know what it is), check out the sticky thread at the top of the training section (rotator cuff), and read the info in these links.......

    The above link, scroll down to the section on Acromioclavicular (AC) joint problems. Read the other stuff aswell, but focus on the AC stuff.

    Many links to better understand the shoulder joint. Great info.
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    My cousin had dislocated his shoulder and couldn't do any bb bench, because his shoulder hurt too much. He started doing db bench, and the pain wasn't there anymore. You might want to give this a try.

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    Take a week or two off from any painful exercises. I had shoulder problems in the past, but found that I was able to work through it by simply choosing exercises that didn't cause pain. I couldn't use barbell, so I did all dumbell work. I got better, and now I can do barbell exercises again.
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    Do something during your warmup to get the blood flowing in your shoulders beforehand. My left was bothering me for awhile, so I started doing lateral raises with 10s to warm them up. Nothing since.


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