So this year I started January 1st as a fat, weak 241 pounder at 20-22% bodyfat. I cut strictly for 12 weeks, down to around 12-14% bodyfat at 210 pounds. I then did some pure strength and clean bulk training for 4-6 weeks and am now sitting at around 13-14% bodyfat (4 clear abs, pretty decent definition) and 215-217 pounds. My goal is to focus purely on strength with a low-volume Westside conjugate method style powerlifting routine, while cutting weight. Diet will be exclusively protein and fat meals throughout the day totaling around 2000 calories, with 2 scoops of Results pre-workout and 1 scoop of Waxy Maize with some Nitrean post-workout. Supplements will include 4 pills of ETS twice per day, a multivitamin and 4g of fish oil once daily.

My routine will be as follows:

Workout Plan

ME Squat (Close-stance Box Squat, Free Squat, Box Squat)1-5RM
DL, DL Variation to 1-3RM
GM's to 3-5RM
Low Back 4x10
Abs 4x10

DE Bench 6-8x3@50%, 55%, 60%
Military Press 4x10
Rows 4x10
Rear Delts 4x10
Triceps – whatever

DE Squat 6-8x2@50%, 55%, 60%
GM's or Pulls (whatever you didn't do on ME Day) 3-5RM
Leg Press 4x10
Abs 4x10

ME Bench (Bench, Floor Press, Incline, 2 Board) 1-3RM
4-5 Board 1-5RM
Rows 4x10
Lats 4x10
Biceps – whatever