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Thread: Can't Squat (2-3 weeks)--Need new routine

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    Can't Squat (2-3 weeks)--Need new routine

    Due to a knee injury, I cannot squat for 2-3 weeks, and I probably shouldn't DL either (but likely will at least try to once a week.

    I had been doing a slightly modified form of Starr's 5x5, and squatting 3x/week, with DL once a week, and DB bench bress, DB rows, and military press worked in.

    Any suggestions for a new routine that doesn't involve any squats?

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    take some time off for now. Resume when you can squat light.
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    I agree with joey.

    But additionally, take this time to work on your weakpoints and stuff. So you have a poor grip? Do some grip specialization. It bothers you that your right arm is .5" larger than your left? Even them out during these few weeks. Get what I'm saying? Take this time to iron out some details.

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