Hey there everyone
I need some help from anyone thats big or getting big as i have been training for 6 months and still see no significant change.

Just some info about me before i start
Weight: 70 kgs
Age: 20

People have told me its about 30% work out and 70% diet...i am doing well in the gym i push myself, so im guessing its the dieting thats going wrong.

Before i get into the dieting bit....to get big one must do the three infamous excercises of dead lifts, squats and bench press correct? (sorry just need to clarfiy that)

ok for dieiting...People have told me to eat alot of protien, so should i be on a high-protien diet? or do i eat carbs too? others have told me eat alot of carbs, specially 3 hours before the gym, if someone could be kind enough to break up a usual day of meals for me that would be great.

being a 20 year old, would anyone reccomend i take the LA Muscle Norateen Heavyweight II?? it boosts testorone levels, im just not sure if i am old enough to get the best of it....i have heard many good things about it.

anyway thanks very much in advanced guys!