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Thread: does this program need more volume?

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    does this program need more volume?

    Squats 3X3 (work up to max set of)
    Front Squats 6X3
    Narrow Stance Good Mornings 3X8-12

    Overhead Press 10X3
    Narrow Grip 3 Board Press 3-5X3-5
    DB Press 3-4X8-12
    Pushdowns 10X10-15
    Lateral raises 3X8-12
    Plate Raises

    DL or Rack pull or DL off platform 1-3X1-3 (work up to max set of)
    RDL 5X3-5 (work up to max set of)
    BB Row 5-6X3-6
    GHR 4X6-12
    Chins or Pulldowns 4X10-12

    Bench Press 3-5X3-5 (work up to max set of)
    Narrow Grip 2X8-12
    Incline DB Press 3-4X6-8
    Skullcrushers 3-4X6-10


    i wanted to keep the basic strength movements (bench/squat/dl) while adding in some isolation work as well.

    also, although it sounds sissy, i also wanted to incorporate more shrugs or neck harness work, since i have a pencil neck and traps :\

    should i just put it with my shrugs or, furthermore, can i do it twice a week?

    im looking for suggestions/possible additions or subtractions. critiques/thoughts appreciated and welcome
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    I don't think it looks bad.

    I'd drop the plate raises from day 2.

    Only other thing to consider is RDL could over train you really quickly if you go heavy on it every week. Also I'm a big fan of switching between RDL and Rack Squats.

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    That's a lot of tricep work:

    Board press
    DB press

    narrow grip

    but only two for upper back/biceps:

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