When I was growing up at home I would continually be called greedy by my parents for always demanding more food, and generally eating about three times as much as my family. I have a very fast metabolism and was about 6'4 tall by the time I was 16; I needed to bulk up hard for the rowing I used to do. I generally ignored the comments, and put it down to their jealousy that I could eat so much more!

But time moved on, now I live away from home, buy my own food and (shock) am probably slightly more mature, and I'm increasingly thinking of the same arguments:

-2008 is the year of the world food crisis
-Think of all the people starving in the world. And we eat to excess so calmly?
-Ok, humans are meant to eat meat, but think about just how many animals we kill to satisfy our protein intake. When you think of strongmen who eat 20 chickens a week, does it ever seem excessive? Vegetarianism WOULD benefit the planet, but I'm not going to do it because from personal experimentation I feel slightly better when I eat meat and its easier to remain big and strong when I eat meat. These are purely selfish reasons.
-The evils of factory farming. I don't know if any Brits on this board saw Hugh Fearnley-Wittingstall's Chicken Out campaign - I haven't eaten battery chicken since... Humans should at least look after the animals they're going to kill.
-Think of all the grain used to feed the animals we eat, and all the land used for livestock instead of more grain. Surely if we were worldly-conscious we would be more efficient with our land use in order to try and feed as many people as possible? The political problems of this are such that some poor countries are using land to farm cattle that will be exported to America and Europe when they aren't producing enough basic food to feed themselves. They than have to use the money from ranching to import the necessary grain or rice from richer countries!

Ok, I think there are some pretty good responses to all these points. I know in some ways bodybuilders actually eat a lot better than most people, but there is still an undercurrent of selfish greed to it that I'm becoming more aware of. This isn't really directed just at bodybuilders, but more at the relentless consumption and greed of the human race. As for us guys, I sometimes think in an age of increasing food shortages, we're lucky to be able to wanna be big when others just wanna not starve.

Personally, I think the non-exercising obese ought to have their diets sorted out first but the questions over excessive food consumption still stand.
Any thoughts, I'd love to hear them.