yes thats right bicePTs with a capital T, for Testosterone, actually a capital PT for preposterous amounts of testosterone.........PREPOSTERONE!!!

just to show people were that your arms will and can grow by doing uncanny direct work with the curlz.
lately i have been slacking with the curls and doing more compond work as that has been a priority to boost up my squats, deadlifts and bench, havent been focusing much on arm size lately, that and a nagging pain in my elbow when doing curls, which hasnt healed because i havent been working them.

so my routine is going to be doing different types of curls almost ever other day, probably about 3 times a week
and for you blue collar folks (jucespringstien) ill keep up my squats, deads and benching.
body weight is 165 not sure if ill gain much weight or loose weight havent decided yet
it begins today.