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Thread: DB(or cable) pullovers - important?

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    DB(or cable) pullovers - important?

    First, my training schedule which is a 14 day rotation..

    Day01- chest/bis:: depletion
    Day02- back/delts:: depletion
    Day03- legs/tris:: depletion
    Day04- off
    Day05- off
    Day06- off
    Day07- full body #1
    Day08- off
    Day09- off
    Day10- full body #2
    Day11- chest/bis:: hypertrophy
    Day12- back/delts:: hypertrophy
    Day13- legs/tris:: hypertrophy
    Day14- off

    The question being, how important are DB (or cable) pullovers? I do them on my depletion back days and was previously doing them on my hypertrophy days too. I have decided to take them out of my hypertrophy days as to lower my volume on back day. My back (lats primarily)is far ahead of the rest of my body in terms of width and thickness (aside from my lower back and traps). I want to catch the rest of my body up with my back so that I'm more proportionate, so I'm lowering the volume of my direct lat work.

    My current back workout is as follows:

    depletion day (15-18 rep range)
    pulldowns- 2 sets
    cable low rows- 2 sets
    bb yates rows- 3 sets
    incline db rows- 3 sets
    cable pullovers- 2 sets
    low back extensions- 3 sets

    fullbody day #1 (10-12 rep range)
    pullups- 3 sets
    hammerstrength rows- 3 sets (1 set overhand, 1 set neutral wide, 1 set neutral close)
    rack pulls- 3 sets

    fullbody day #2 (10-12 rep range)
    pulldowns- 3 sets
    bb yates rows- 3 sets
    sumo good mornings- 3 sets

    hypertrophy backwork (10-12 rep range)
    deadlifts- 4 sets
    pullups- 3 sets
    cable low rows- 2 sets
    bent over db rows- 2 sets
    single arm hammerstrength rows- 2 sets (overhand grip)
    sumo good mornings- 2 sets

    So, is there anything in there I should replace with the pullover's or does this all look good? Like I said, I'm trying to limit my lat work as it's already overpowering my chest and shoulders, and I really like the other exercises already.. opinions?
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    nothings important, but everything helps

    you try doing a push, pull, leg split? it will still work with your routine.

    note that your triceps are being worked all three days... shoulders twice and biceps twice.
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