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Thread: row machine

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    row machine

    I incorporated this into my back workout yesterday. Felt pretty good. It's a Hammer Strength machine.

    What do you guys think? Is this is a good lift to have, or not because its machine?

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    It's one of the few machine workouts I like. Make sure to focus on the negative though (put it back slower than you pulled it to you).

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    bb rows
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    I wouldn't replace BB Rows and Cable Rows...but if you really like it, go ahead an d add it for a few weeks, see if it works for you. I also might put it last on the priority list since it is a machine.

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    My gym ( its a local chain but has 4 gyms in my city ) has one of the hammer strength rowing machines at one. I like it. There is not to many machines that I will use, but if I work out at that location I use it.
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    there are so many hammer strength row machines at my gym. at least 5. high row, low row, mid row, prone row, underhand close grip unicycle row, etc.

    i've seen the best results with DB rows.
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    Which HS row machine are you talking about? I like a few of them such as the high row, but there's one that I hate. I think it's just called the Hammer Strength Row, you sit there and can pull one at a time or both, with a small handle near your seat you can hold onto if you do one arm at a time.
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    It's easy and convenient. I like them.

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