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Thread: Creamed Tuna w/ Shoestring Potatoes

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    Creamed Tuna w/ Shoestring Potatoes

    This is a recipe that our family has used for years. Kind of strange, but extremely delicious. The shoestring potatoes can be found in most grocerie stores - their like hashbrowns that have been made into potato chips.

    1 small can of cream of mushroom soup

    2 cans of tuna

    Shoestring potatoes

    Heat up tuna and soup. Add a bit of water to mixture if desired. Add spices if desired.
    Pour a bed of shoestrings on a plate, then smother with creamed tuna.
    makes 2 servings.

    Very easy/quick to make. Healthy carbs from the soup, and plenty of protein. Let me know how you like it.
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    Sounds good and simple to me. I'll try that. Like Tuna Helper without the pasta.
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