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Thread: Had a very good lifting experience, friends make the difference

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    Had a very good lifting experience, friends make the difference

    Well, I have converted yet another to the ways of our lifting. We had a great time today pumping each other up. It is really great to train someone and see how they progress.

    This kid, hes 130 pounds, 5'6-5'7 or so. Today this what he could do.

    Squat 125 with ok form for 5 reps. His form was near spot on the first time he did it with light weight. Hes a natural squatter.

    Bench 135 easy for 5 reps. I changed his form so it's a bit less for now but he easily has the power

    Deadlift 185x5 easy

    Question 1:
    He has little real lifting experience. Is it just me or is he quite strong for 130 pounds and just starting?

    When we were doing the deadlifts my two friends really got in to it and started competing against each other. My other friend did an EASY 225 one rep max in the deadlifting after only a month and a bit of lifting!!! (at 160 BW after gaining 5 pounds in a month). They really seem to love deadlifting (the first time my friend deadlifted I asked where he felt it, he said his soul haha).

    Question 2:
    I never had such gains in such a small amount of time. It took me 2.5 months to hit a 225 deadlift without anyone helping me. So what I'm asking... was I just extremely weak when I started or are they just naturally stronger? Or could it be that me teaching them to lift has been invaluable to their gains?

    O and my one friend is my chalk b*tch, he carries the chalk where ever we go. Only until he surpasses me will I hold the chalk hahaha gives him some motivation.

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    Your friends seem to be naturally pretty strong. I wasn't hitting numbers like that when I first started with free weights.

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    Ha, that is awesome. I love it when other people get excited about compound lifts!

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    That kid seems naturally strong. I got a feeling he's gunna get big with hard work, but it a pretty short period of time. Be nice to him, cuz you'll be the chalk boy soon. haha
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    everybody develops differently, and to different lifts/stimulation. just keep working and let the chips fall where they may. Maybe he responds more to the program you are both following while you need to try something different.

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    My program is working nicely. My bench goes up 5-10 pounds a week along with my deadlift. Recently my squat seems to be stalling but that's temporary.

    To be honest, I think im just going to assume im a good coach I'm 2/2

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    I think its the fact that you were by yourself that made the difference, and plus they seem naturally strong.

    My first time squating was like 60-75 something like that.
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