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you could also, although a sometimes a pain to work out if you don't want to bench 3x a week, include ME RE and DE. I have great success with having DE once a week every week and then the second time I target the movement either do RE or ME. this way you can let your muscles rest for a decent amount of time. i think for an intermediate lifter 3x a week may get excessive really quick and with the aforementioned style (only 2x a week) you have potential for solid improvement with sufficient rest time.

also, don't be afraid of variations of the movements. if you feel like incline bench rather than flat for ME or RE, then do it. If you have a sticking point work on it with the variations. make use of all of the tools you can to get to your goal. it will keep you sane and improve GPP which not only is healthy but can aid your overall goals if planned for correctly (in the sense of diet and rest.)

very sound advice for what you want to do failed. take it.