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Thread: Revolution: A Manifesto

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    Revolution: A Manifesto

    This book reminds me why Ron Paul garnered support from the most intelligent men I knew.

    Its light, fairly basic, easy to understand, and ends any possible intelligent opposition to 99% of his positions within its scant pages.

    Plus, you can tell he's become more polished due to the last campaign as he is far more quotable. You can get a lot of good one liners to support libertarian positions. Sign of a great mind that even in his advanced age he's still getting sharper.

    I devoured the book in about 3 hours with some distractions.

    The only negatives I can give it is it won't bring anything new for 'advanced' libertarians beyond more examples of how they're correct. However, the list of recommended reading seems good. I would work on it, but right now I'm in a physics phase, and trying to get a better handle on solid state and condensed matter physics.

    Physics is a lot more fun than politics or economics because crushing stupidity is easy, just verify your results with experiments. No need for endless bickering where you have to deal with disillusioned Marxist morons, or Keynesians constantly uttering 'In the long run, we're all dead,' it seems like something a drunken frat boy would scream, not an 'eminent' economist.
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