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Thread: Looking for an article by a body builder!!

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    Looking for an article by a body builder!!

    I was reading this article/website once that I was linked to, it was an article and workout/diet plan. This guy was like 280lbs and had a lot of muscle but was also kinda fat, so he went on this extreme diet and cut a lot of fat in like 10-15 weeks and now he's RIPPED, supposedly at least. Anyways he said he was a writer for some BB magazine and wanted to look more the part so he went on this diet, if this rings a bell to anyone let me know, beacause I can't find the website. thanks!!
    Now 9/04/2008: 167lbs 5'9.5, 13-14% BF
    Bench: 150
    Squat: 250
    Dead: ???

    Goals: 185ish 5-10%BF (By this time next year, or asap)
    Bench: 250
    Squat: 350+
    Dead: ????

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    Christian Thibodeau? I don't know if he was ever 280, though. Sounds similar, though.

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    ^^ I'm pretty sure that is who he is looking for. Either him or that powerlifter who when he got cut was an absolute beast. I forget his name though...

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