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Thread: Til August 12th to be in best shape ever

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    Hello all,
    I figure its about time I start a journal. I am planning on making some radical changes this summer and getting in the best shape of my life. I play football on the D3 level and want to come into camp strong and cut. I have from May 14th to August 12th to make all this happen. Not alot of time, but im going to make it happen. I plan on cutting, and then going on a clean bulk. I dont care about weight I care about body fat percentage. Im shooting for 10% body fat the weight is irrelevant. . I'm 5'9" 212 lbs. Im buying calipers soon, but I think im around 17% body fat if not lower. So I have 175lb lbm 37lbs fat. Anyways the goal is to get down to 8.5% body fat, and then start the bulk. To lose the weight I am going to use the calorie formula from the v-diet, but use real food. I came up with 1800 cals workout 1500 cals non workout day. Hopefully, I can lose the 17lbs or so im gonna need to in a little more than 30 days. I plan on eating the same thing every day until the weight is gone

    fish oil,1 cup egg whites, 6 slices turkey bacon
    520cals 68g protein fat 22g carbs 0
    nitrean 2 scoops
    220 cals 48g protein fat 1g carbs<2
    Fiber supplement
    30 cals 0g protein fat 0 carbs 12
    Buffalo 225g
    250 cals 50g protein fat 5g carbs 0
    4th meal
    nitrean 2 scoops
    220 cals 48g protein fat 1g carbs<2
    fiber supplement
    30 cals 0g protein fat 0g carbs 12
    Dinner (late at night)
    Buffalo 225g
    250 cals 50g protein fat 5g carbs 0
    Daily totals
    1520 cals, 264g protein, fat 34g, carbs 24

    To add the calories on the workout days I plan on taking Results for an additional 320 cals. We'll see if Results lives up to the hype.

    I've been spending my $ on building a home gym lately. Here's what i've bought so far Power Cage, 600lbs weight, 2 Barbells, Black Mamba Straps, Black Mamba Knee Wraps, Dumbell handles, Rubber Flooring Mats, Average Bands, Bench. When I get back home from college I plan on making a trip to Home Dept and making myself some bench boards and a squat box. You can see my max lifts in my signature. As I mentioned before as far as supplements go I plan on taking are results, nitrean, fish oil, ets, creatine & beta alanine (when not taking results). Thats it for now Ill post more once I get back from college may 14th or 15th. Thanks
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