I just ordered a set of fractional plates today:

2 1/4 lb.
2 1/2 lb.
2 3/4 lb.
2 1 lb. plates.

I've just been training linearly lately, no ME or DE stuff, just sets of 5 adding weight every workout. I'm at the point where it's just not possible to continue adding 5 lbs. to my OH press, Bench, and soon power clean. So I figured that it was necessary to start making smaller jumps in weight so I can keep progressing.

The only thing I'm concerned about is that the other plates that I use at the gym may not all weigh the same thing (some "45 lb. plates may way 45.5 lbs. or 44.5 lbs., etc....), which would defeat the purpose of fractional plates.

I was just wondering if you guys have experience with these things, and how helpful they are to you to keep progressing. Or should I just shut the f*** up about these small plates, and SFW!!!! lol.