You make good points Rhodes. Unfortunately, I have already paid for these plates, so I have to paint them black then at least try them out. I'm going to exhaust the possibility of linear progression for as long as possible (it doesn't get much simpler then adding weight every workout if possible does it? I'm still new enough at this where the simplest of programming will still work), then I'll start messing around with reps and assistance exercises and stuff. If I can get a few more lbs. on of my presses this way before stalling again, then hell ya. But at the point I'm at now, my calf still has not grown into a bull yet. I have a long ways to go until I stall on squats and deads too, so moving up on those will also make me stronger. I'm young and in no rush.

I have a question for you. Was there ever a time when you struggled to bench 225 lbs. 5 times? I don't know your exact numbers, but I think you're benching over 600 now right? My goal is 315 lbs. for bench and 225 lbs. for OH press.