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Thread: Music Festival

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    Music Festival

    I'm off to the Gorge in less than two weeks and have never camped at a festival and was wondering if anyone has any kind of advice. It says we are allowed alcohol on the festival grounds, but does that usually mean there is a limit. Could we carry in like a few cases of beer? Also, has anyone been to the Gorge during Sasquatch: I'm concerned it'll be a pain to get camping set up.

    (Also, can you have alcohol in a car if not everyone is 21 in the car; just one person is.)

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    yes you can have alcohol in the car even if there are some minors, however it cant be opened im sure you know that though.

    Most large venues allow alcohol anywhere on the grounds but outside the gate. Once you enter the gate you can only drink $10 beers (well $10 if your at a live nation venue)

    Dont bring anything of value; Including camras, buy desposible, leave your watch and Ipod at home.
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    I went to bonnaroo and it was insane. You werent *supposed* to bring in alcohol but a **** ton of people brought it anyway. Like Mikey said, dont bring anything worth a crap or it could get jacked. Bring a good bit of cash however as theres all sorts of stuff people are selling. I remember within the first 5 minutes of setting up we had a vendor who worked for the actual camp/tour come up and tell us he was selling shirts, bracelets, and any drug we could think of. It was by far the most out of control gathering of people (200K+) Ive ever born witness to or taken a part in.
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    Yeah music festivals are crazy. Gone to quite a few, Wakarusa being the nicest. Bonnaroo was probably the biggest I've been too, went the first year. I don't know about 200,000 Indifference but there is tents as far as the eye can see. Drugs are everywhere, beer is usually fine as long as you don't get caught trying to sell it. If you do plan on selling beers, (people usually sell dank beer for $3 each or 2 for $5) make sure to keep the majority of it locked in your car and if they try to get in tell em its somebody else's vehicle. I would recommend bringing a good deal of your own water as well, because sometimes the water is nasty and/or really far away. As far as big bottles of liquor go, I always try to hide them just in case. I'm talking about 1.75L. Just jam them into the inside of your rolled up sleeping bags. Mikey is right about the fenced off part too. Plan on getting most of your drinking done before you go in otherwise it will cost you an arm and a leg. A lot of people try to sneak stuff in, but it can be tricky considering most people wearing just shorts and maybe shirts. Not sure about showers there either. If they have them, take them. If they don't, bring some gold bond powder. Nothing takes care of 2 day old swamp ass like some gold bond. (besides a real shower that is)
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    I work security at Bonnarroo every year- i know at that festival you can bring in alcohol to the camp grounds. Do not buy a crap load of beer in bottles because you will not be able to take it in usually.

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