ok i have several questions for all the fitness pros on here

i go to an actual gym so i dont ever bother with these home fitness gym however a very good friend of mine is looking to invest in a home gym

price is not an issue for him he just wants to make sure hes getting what hes paying for ...hes not really a beginner hes just looking to get back into shape.

now .. with this said i have several questions for all u home gym pros out there..


i was looking at the Bowflex Xtreme Home Gym



the Bowflex Revolutions Xtreme Home Gym


is the new "spiraflex" technology in the new revolutions bowflex machine worth the 1,000 dollar price difference? if so why? it looks liek all the same exercises!

are there any superior options to bowflex??

2.) can anyone reccomend a good stationary exercise bike? does Nordic Track make the best ones?

thanks guys!!!