Hello all,
I've been lifting for about 6 weeks, and I'm noticing some changes. I was wondering if I could get a few of you to take a look at my routine and give me some pointers on what I'm doing wrong/right.

My Split
Mon: Chest/Back
Tues: Cardio/Abs
Wed: Shoulders/Triceps
Thur: Legs/Biceps
Fri: Cardio
Sat: Cardio

Below is an example of my weekly workouts. Please feel free to cut them up as needed.

Monday's Routine:
DB Press 50X10, 60X10, 65X10
Incline DB Press 40X10, 45X10, 50X10
DB Flyes 30X12, 35X12, 40X12
Cable Crossovers 40X12, 50X12
T-Bar Rows 45X12, 55X12, 60X12
Cross Bench DB Pullovers 30X12, 35X12
Machine Pullovers 90X12, 100X12

Tuesday's Routine:
Cardio will consist of 30 mins to an hour of any kind of cardio.
Hanging Leg Lift: 10
Hanging Knee Tucks: 20
Flutter Kicks: 20
Incline Sit-Ups: 20
Bicycle Crunches: 20X2
Weighted Side Crunches: 25X25X2

Wednesday's Routine:
Seated DB Press 45X12X2
Front DB Raises 25X12X2
Lateral DB Raises 25X12X2
DB Upright Rows 35X12X2
BB Shrugs 140X12, 160X12
Skull Crushers 60X12X2
Machine Tricep Extensions 90X12X2
Weighted Dips 25X12X2

Thursday's Routine:
Squats 195X12X2 (New Exercise)
Leg Curls 70X12X2
Leg Extensions 90X12X2
Calf Raises 245X12X2
21 Curls 60X21X2
Preacher Curls 55X12X2
Reverse Forearm Curls 95X12X2

Friday's/Saturday's Routine:
Cardio will consist of 30-60 minutes of any cardio exercise.