I appreciate all the support from everyone here. I didn't have a very good meet. My head was not in the right place. Physically I felt a little off, but most of it was mental. Long story short, my GF of 6 1/2 years decided things weren't working out two days before the meet. It really hit me hard and I'm gonna basically be a zombie for a while. Now that all the excuses are out of the way I'll let you know how I did.


655-miss...I cut this an inch high. I had to unrack it 3 times to setup because I had the wrong rack height. My own stupid fault.

655-good lift/5 lb meet PR....this was the slowest grinder of a squat but somehow I stood up.

I decided to pass on my third.


375-good lift/25 lb full meet PR

400-miss...touched too low

400-miss...touched too high, lol


500-good lift

525-miss...lost grip above knees

525-miss...same thing

1530 total @165. I only went 3 for 8, but I did manage two PR's. I fell 10 lbs short of my total PR, but that was when I made 6 lifts. I won best lifter for the light weight men. I definitely have a lot of things to work out(both mentally and physically) to get ready for another meet. I'll need some time for both.