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Thread: Crushed to dust! grippers.

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    Crushed to dust! grippers. anyone know about these, im looking to get a death grip, product sounds wonderful but sounds a little bootleg

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    Captain of crush is a well known and respected brand.

    I could barely close the number 1 if I remember correctly and the number 2 I couldn't close.
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    Captains of crush are used as the standard for grippers by a lot of people. They are great quality and the feel is 10x better than store bought. Plus the handles are a smaller diameter that most store bought grippers so you get a better ROM. I own a couple and it's totally worth it. Crushing strength is going up by the week.
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    how would i determine which gripper i should get.

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    CoCs are the best, bro. They are sturdy as hell and will last forever. I would start with a Sport and a #1 or Trainer if I were you. Took me awhile to close the #1s. I can now close the #1.5s but cannot close the #2s. They are definitely quality, go for it.

    Edit: For a reference, I believe the amount of force required to close each is something like:

    Sport: 80 lbs
    Trainer: 100 lbs
    #1: 140 lbs
    #1.5: ~160 lbs
    #2: 190 lbs

    I may be wrong, but it's close to that.
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    thanks bro that was exactly what i wanted to know

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    i have thing called the gripper at the gym anyone know what im talkin bout?

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    Those look pretty good. They listed the "guide" @ 60 lbs. force, looks like a good place to start. Has anyone used the funny looking one with the 2 little springs made by Ivanko?

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