so i first started lifting dec 06-june 07. started off wrong and all that but soon got into the right way of lifting, compound exercises, diet, etc.

well during that time while benching one day, i hurt my right shoulder because i brought the bar too close to my neck on the way down. still i finished that days workout of chest/shoulder/tris. took a week off after that. no major pain. doesnt hurt if i move around my shoulder in any way. started lifting again after a week and i still felt a small annoying pain when doing bench. nothing major. didnt stop me from finishing the workout.

anyhoos, stopped working out that summer. knee tendinitis killed me and got lazy blah blah.

septemebr 07 when headin to college 1st yr, i started lifting again. been lifting consistent up to now. my bench has been gettin better over the year and i am happy with the results but heres the problem. my left chest muscle is bigger than my right. at first i was thinking ok maybe its just like that w/e i shouldnt worry just lift heavy and eat. but lately ive realized that when im benching heavy, as i push the weight bak up, the bar gets up quicker from the left side. basically its a little slanted as i go up. and this might be causing the unbalance - which i think is from my shoulder problem.
also, i do DB inclince press. i cant do incline bench because my right shoulder hurts too much from the times ive tried.
anyone have a similiar problem or an idea of what it could be?