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Thread: Mixing Olympic & Bodybuilding routines

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    Mixing Olympic & Bodybuilding routines

    so i want to start incorporating power cleans,squat cleans, and clean & jerk into my workout but im not exactly sure how to do this while still keeping a hypertrophy routine also. i decided to try the WBB 2 so they need to be added on to that. theres probably unnecessary repetitive movements so please make some critiques of what/where to add/remove/replace with the new lifts.

    monday: chest/back

    power cleans (3x3)
    incline DB press (2x9)
    innergrip chins (2x9)
    flat flys (2x9)
    deadlifts (3x6)
    decline BB press (2x9)
    seated cable rows (2x9)

    wednesday: legs

    squat cleans (3x3)
    back squats (1x10)
    front squats (1x6)
    quad extensions (1x15)
    hamstring curls (2x9)
    calfs (2x25)

    friday: arms/shoulders

    clean and jerk (5x5)
    arnold press (3x6)
    incline curls (2x9)
    weighted dips (2x9)
    incline hammers (2x9)

    im not really sure what range of reps to do with olympic lifts but i know at about 5 im exhausted.

    if it helps ive been looking at this example:
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    I'm going to be trying to add some Oly lifts to my routine in the near future too. I've found that people generally recommend you do the Oly lifts first. Like on your leg day, do squat cleans before squats.
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    I dont think yours is very good. I do something like this: (kinda PL/OLY split)

    Snatch Work
    ME Squat
    Calf raises

    ME DL on Week 1 and DE DL on Week 2
    DE Squat
    OH Press
    Decline Crunches

    CnJ Work
    Incline Bench
    BO Rows
    Front Squat
    Various Plyometric work

    All of my lifts have been going up with the exception of DL(which seems to be rising steadily and slowly), but I always have consistency problems with that one.
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    Yeah, trying to put the quick lifts into a body-part split program doesn't make sense to me. You're hitting a lot of muscle on a heavy clean & jerk.

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    alright i edited the OP but what lifts would you take out on each day? on fridays i took out skull crushers and lateral raises because of c&j
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