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Thread: Progressive routines vs periodized routines for cutting

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    Progressive routines vs periodized routines for cutting

    Right now I am doing Ripptoe's starting strength routine and have had fantastic results. I have gained about 15 quality pounds in 3 months and my gains have been very nice. I bulked up in a state of slight fatness. I felt I wasn't strong enough/had enough muscle to justify a cut. Now I feel I do.

    Coming this June, I'm thinking of losing 10-15 pounds of fat. Ripptoe's has been great for my bulk, but I am curious to know if it will yield great results. What I have been thinking of doing is instead of hitting a higher weight at 3x5, I would hit maybe 3x3 with a drop set of 8 reps and than build for that.

    I did 175 for 3x5
    Than I do 180 3x3 Followed by 155 for 6 reps

    Up the weight again.

    I'm also thinking of going back and doing Westside and hit 3 rep maxes. So what I'm asking is what routine have you used during a cut that yielded great results? As well, I am a bit confused about periodization... all I know is that people use it when progressive gains don't, what is a good example of periodization?
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