I joined the Kellum crew in June of 06. With decent strength and poor tech, and never having owed a shirt that wasn't used I was finally with people that could help. In may of 07 I hit a long time goal of mine, a 500lb raw bench. You can find it on you tube. Two weeks later I hit 560 in a meet but had lock out trouble with heavier attempts. Training continued and over the course of the next year I did 3 meets not hitting a lift in any of them, buy all the while getting stronger just not putting it together in the meets. This year it finally came together. At the Biggest Bench on The River on may 10th I opened 605 and smoked it. Then 625 smoked it as well, but pulled my peck slightly. Went for 640 on my third and just lost it in the whole. I didn't missed **** I never tried to press it I dame near rolled off the bench. Next is the Europa Super Show in Aug in Dallas, Tx. The whole team is going to this one. Jesse, Frank Caminita, Frank Trapani who has a 500 bench at 148, Philip Maranto, and AJ Shoauder. 650or better is the goal. I'd like to make a run at 700. I have the power. I've done it off of brds so I know I can handle the weight which is sometimes the hardest thing.