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Thread: Getting the Dumbbells Off the Floor

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    Getting the Dumbbells Off the Floor

    I'm 54 and lift weights for general fitness benefits.

    Last week I was lifting two 40 pound dumbbells off the floor. I had them right by my side, and lifted straight up, using my legs to lift.

    However, I must have gotten slightly off balance, and I pulled a muscle in my lower back (on the side). It's a muscle that I've injured many times over the years.

    What can I do to avoid this in the future?


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    Start doing deadlifts.
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    using your legs to get them up is the easiest way. lay off and let your back heal, go to a doc if the pain dosent go away.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Unholy View Post
    Start doing deadlifts.
    What he said.

    Start light and work up.

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    Go to a rehab specialist and fix the imbalance that's causing this muscle to be a problem. It's getting a disproportionate amount of load when lifting. Then do deadlifts.
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    learn how to deadlift correctly. watch videos, check out even ask a trainer how to do them.
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