I have been using Rippetoe's Starting Strength for just over 2 months and have being great results. The only problem is that the level of travel my job entails has increased significantly. I have been traveling for 2-4 days a week for the past three weeks and the next 5 weeks all have travel in them as well. Since I am not exactly travelling to places with gyms readily available (Red Banks, MS, Lenwood, CA, Turrell, AR) I need a routine that I can lift 2-3 days in a row while I am in town. I know some may suggest bodyweight work while out of town, but I am often working 10-12 hour days on the road and often times with time changes up at 4 or 5 am AZ time. This leads me to be WAY too exhausted to do anything but crash at the end of the day.

For example, if I am going out of town thur-fri, I want to be able to lift Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday. With Starting Strength I do not believe I can do this as I would be going heavy on squats 3 days in a row as well as doing heavy back exercises three consecutive days.

Any recommendations on a routine that is heavy on compound lifts but is structured in a way where I would not be working the same groups consecutive days would be much appreciated.