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Thread: Is my workout plan safe + Effective?

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    Is my workout plan safe + Effective?

    Hey all,

    I am completly new to weight training but have been doing some research. Based on what I've done, I have devised a plan for myself and I was wondering if I could get some pointers on whether or not it will be effective or not. I was told by some people to do the 5x5 method, but I'm not looking to get huge, and have a very bad lower back. I'm just looking to tone up and look good, not like a body builder or anything.

    I've read that the muscles should have 48 hours to heal. Ideally, I would like to get my entire workout (30 minutes cardio, 8 minute abs, bicep/tricep, pecs and shoulders in on one workout session. Followed by 2 days of 30 minute cardio, then do my workout again after the 48 hous have passed.

    I've build my routine around the Breakdown method with 48 hours rest time. I'm wondering if it is safe and effective for a beginner?

    So my routine works out to 3 lifts 1 week, 2 lifts next week, 3 lifts following week, 2 lifts next week, etc... With cardio everyday.

    Sunday - Workout + 30 min cardio
    Monday - 30 min cardio
    Tuesday - 30 min cardio
    Wednesday - Workout + 30 minute cardio
    Thursday - 30 minute cardio
    Friday - 30 minute cardio
    Saturday - Workout + 30 minute cardio

    My workout:

    3 sets each of the below exercises:

    Set 1: 8-12 reps at X weight
    Set 2: 6-10 reps at X - 25% weight
    Set 3: 6-10 reps at X - 50% weight

    Upper body:
    Dumbell Flys
    Dumbell Press
    Front Dumbell Press
    Push-ups (3 sets of Y w/ 60s rest in between each)

    Front Raise
    Side Raise
    Alternating Front Raise/press
    Reverse Fly

    Dumbell Curls (traditional)
    Dumbell Curls (ski pole style)
    Barbell Curls
    Twenty Ones
    French Press
    Kick Backs
    Behind head Press

    8 Minutes of Abdominal:
    45 Seconds crunch
    45 seconds Oblique Crunch R
    45 Seconds Oblique Crunch L
    45 Seconds toe touches
    45 Seconds right crunch
    45 seconds left crunch
    45 Seconds Push Throughs
    45 Seconds leg ups
    45 Seconds alternating curls
    15 Seconds Crunch

    Is this safe and effective? Am I resting the muscles too much? And will I be ok working all these areas in one session?

    I've heard some people say only give your muscles 24 hours instead. And I've heard others say 48 hours isn't even long enough.

    Any help is much appreciated so I can get started.

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    That's not really a safe or effective routine. It's horribly unbalanced (no back work) so that will set you up for injury. You're also wasting too much time on isolation movements and small muscle groups (and no legs!!) so you won't see much progress.

    Don't worry about getting "huge" because it won't happen if you don't want it to. It probably won't even happen if you do want it to.

    Check out Rippetoe's Starting Strength and read through the diet and nutrition forums.
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    do you have legs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZenMonkey View Post
    do you have legs?
    lmao.. all I can think of is Eddie Murphy in Changing Places telling everyone "I have no legs"

    Jake Sullivan
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    curently off-season
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