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    How often should you do plyos? I do squat jumps, power lunges, burpees, box jumps, jump rope, etc in my works and used to put them in 3x/week but I think that might be too much pounding on my knees. Maybe 2x/week is enough?

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    It's going to depend. What sport are you training for? Are you a beginner or an advanced athlete? What does the rest of your week look like? Are you lifting weights, running, doing sprints, do you have practices/games for your sport?

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    how many total jumps or touches are you logging per workout?

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    Is there any place on the web that has a good plyo workout? Most things I seem to find are "buy this book" kinda sites.
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    BG5150: I'm not aware of any decent, free plyo workouts, but the Vertical Jump Bible is $40~ and worth every penny. It has everything you'll need to know in it, and then some. There are at least a couple other members here that'll recommend it to you (teenathlete3030 for sure, he helped me out a lot with it).

    Archieve99: I'll recommend the VBJ to you too, you'll learn a ton and just about any question about training and vertical jump will be answered. If you dont feel like buying it, I'll back up what Bupp said. It all depends on everything else that you're doing, and what level of athelete you are.
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