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Thread: brick wall

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    brick wall

    well ive been dieting for 3 months, and lost 12 lbs with no noticable muscle loss. also doing 3-4 days cardio, 3 days weights.

    im 180 5'9.5 now, but for 5 days a week i was eating 1800-1900 cals and on the weekends i up my cals to try to kickstart my metabolism again. problem is now im at a total standstill. i dont want to drop any more cals, nor do i want to do any more cardio.

    i know those cals are wayy below my BMR. should up my cals again, and how much for how long in order to start the fat loss process again? only would like to lose another 5-7 lbs.

    my breakdown was like 45-30-25. thanks!
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    I'd take a bit of a break and get back up to maintenance (or a little higher) for a while, then start again.
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    Re: brick wall

    Originally posted by johnny123
    problem is now im at a total standstill. i dont want to drop any more cals, nor do i want to do any more cardio.
    Your leptin levels have crashed. You need to eat about 20% above maintenence for 5 days or so (high carb, low fat), then incorporate regular refeeds into your diet.

    Read my leptin articles for more info:

    Issues 3, 4, and 5


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