pretty much i decided i dont care how much weight i can lift anymore...i got up to benching 305 at one point but the way ive been lifting for the last year has just given me big shapeless muscles...i find myself envying the 130 pound wrestlers who are ripped to shreds..

so yesterday i started a cutting cycle for the first time in my life...i know all the basics of a cut; higher reps, shorter rest between sets, diet, cardio etc...

for my workouts ive been doing splits of chest/back, bis/tris, and shoulders/legs twice a week. pretty much what i do is pick 2 lifts for each muscle group (at least one of them being a core lift) and do 6 sets of 10, and i superset everything with 30 seconds of abs, to keep calories burning between sets...for cardio i run up and down with the highschool basketball team for about an hour everyday...i workout in a really terrible weightroom with only the most basic of equipment..but its cool because it used to be a wrestling room so it is literally about 110 degrees in there at all time..

right now im 6'2 and i weigh about 195...i want to lose about 15 pounds of bodyfat

my main questions are:

1: complemented with a good diet; does this workout plan sound effective?
2. what are some specific lifts i should focus on doing?
3. what are the best supplements to take during a cut?

and just any advice on cutting in general would be appreciated...