Not sure what to put down. But I'll update at least once a week or if anything changes greatly in a day.

27y/o 219lbs, 23% bf (roughly)
Goal- 185-195lbs 15%bf

found the WBB routine last week so I started it. Just played around with the weights trying to find a good starting one. Will post todays work out Tomorrow and etc till I have the whole week accomplished.

I've been running 30minutes Mon-Fri every morning, nothing fast just a good pace.

My diet needs a lot of work, need to find something simple and easy and stick with it. Eating around 1500-1800 cals a day trying for 40/30/30. Just need to get it better and consistent. Usually eat 4-6 meals a day, well I have been for the last 2 weeks now.

I'll edit all this diary stuff out this weekend when I have a full work out done with what weight I'm lifting. And food updates.