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    Job Interview

    I just got a e-mail from this place i've been trying to work at for a while, its a car dealership on base and I've honsetly been pushing and probing for a way in for quite a while now. Its like one of those places where you gotta establish the right corrections and get in. I've tried before and got the wrong fish.

    Basically how you get in is you get a senior sales person to like you and to hire you under his terms, typically the terms are the same you get so much a car you sell, and if your lucky and good at your job you get a solid paycheck, something small ike 250 euros a month just help you out in those bad months. Well On monday I am going in to talk some to them, hes e-mails have all stated that he likes what he sees. I'm not sure what he is asking for come Monday but we'll see won't we.

    The deal i'm shooting for is the same my friend got, 100 euros a car, plus like 10-20 euros for each lead gain, and the possiblity of a steady pay should I perform. If I do good and get good sales within 6 months I can become my own salesman, recieving full commission is roughly 450 euros a car. Doesn't sound like much but this lot moves quite a bit for its size, they take on roughly 2-3 cars a day on a typical day. In past days they have done up wards of 10-15 cars a day. For me to currently make what I make now I need to sell 5 cars and get a couple of leads in a month. Thats also with me working the hours I like.

    Either way I hope I get it, it sounds like something thats fun (selling cars to people) I get to pretty much chill out and do as I want for the day. I set my own schedule, and sure I have a supervisor and stuff but basically its not your typical supervisor type postion where you have set times, its more of a team thing. You work the lot, bring in the customers and your boss finalizes the sale.

    If it works, i won't be jobless, as off June 4 I am no longer employed as of now.
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