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Thread: Knee Straps for Squats?

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    Knee Straps for Squats?

    Hi Everyone,
    First time posting but have read the forum for a while. I have a question that I have received mixed answers from people about: I'm not sure what my one rep max for my squat is, but I can do 4x 315 lbs. I know it's not real heavy, but a buddy of mine in the gym mentioned he thought I should start wearing knee straps. I spoke with another guy who I know was a powerlifter for many years, and his opinion was that knee straps are nothing more than a false sense of security. He also mentioned though that many people have many different opinions and that was just his. I don't really feel like I need them at the moment, but at the same time I would always like to err on the side of caution. What is your opinion? Thanks so much


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    I do feel more comfortable squatting with them, but I am not sure how much they really add to a squat. I do think they add a few pounds, but how much I have no idea. I think for me it gives me a better sense of what my knees are doing since I can feel the wraps tighten on the way down and therefor keep better control of my squat.

    There are also a variety of wraps from really thick/stiff ones to thinner looser ones. And before anyone else does it, "That's what she said."

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    a powerlifter claiming knees wraps are "nothing more than a false sense of security"???

    If you're not having any health concerns with your knees, then you don't need them. You can get a pair of knee sleeves if you're worried about health issues.

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    so knee sleeves are ideal if you have bad knees then right? cause i get some wierd feeling like if they go numb and feel tingly after

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    After using wraps? That means you are getting them tight enough . Knee sleeves help keep the joints warm and there for lubricated if needed.

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    Anything over 300 I wrap my knees. Plus I had a compound fracture and ****ed up my knee in a wreck so i'm paranoid.
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    Loosely wrapped to add stability is fine, but unless powerlifting is your goal then wrapping them so tightly that it actually adds to your lift is just masturbation.

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