Hello everyone,
I recently decided i want to change my appearance rather drastically. For about two weeks now ive been doing some weight lifing exercises for beginners with the set of dumbells ive bought, but i feel as if im doing something wrong because not once have i actually had sore muscles on the next day. Any help you guys could give me would be extremely appreciated.
I guess i should give some info about myself:
16 years old
weight: 66kg
height: 1.78 metres
fat % : 16%
NOTE: Stopped playing tennis and basketball two years ago, havent practised sports since.
My goal is to have lost at least 6% fat and gained as much muscle as i possibly can from now until september.
In two weeks, when i have more time on my hands, i will start to jog every two days to lose my slight overweight. Right now im doing some abs excercises and chest excersices with my dumbells but i doubt its having much of an impact. I do the following excercises :
-bicep curls
-lateral raising [shoulders]
-chest flies
-while on the ground, training triceps with a homemade excercise [arms close to body and just press the dumbells upwards]
-the neck training thing, whatever it is called
Im using 4KG dumbells for all the excercises right now, and i think i could do bicep curls with 6.
Any help on how much weight to use/excercises i forgot about/amount of reps/sets etc, would be immensely appreciated.
Sure hope this extremely long post doesnt annoy anyone ^^