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Thread: Finding maintenance calories??

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    Finding maintenance calories??

    Uh can anyone tell me how to figure out my maintenance calories??

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    Follow these directions to a tee otherwise mongolians will raid your house

    1) get pen and paper

    2) write down caloric values of everything you eat

    3) monitor and record weight, weighing every 4 days for about 12 days or so

    4) compare weight with calorie log and make changes accordingly


    create fitday account on and track everything you eat, although it can be as much work as writing it all down on paper but this way you get macro breakdowns as well (proteins, fats, carbs,)

    Enjoy and keep them Mongolians at bay!

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    id weigh myself everyday, to have a large sample size (making sure to do it at the same time everyday)

    if yo uget one day in there that ends up being an outlier, it could screw up your results
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