i finally got to train with my titan centurion sz42 today. i weighed 208lb this morning and this size is considered my meet fit (semi-tight). suit went on very easy, including the straps. i went off a box that is approx. 1-2" above parallel. first set was 335lb. at the very bottom right before i hit the box, i start to loose my "tightness". i break loose and wobble but managed to get it up. it got easier as i went up to 435. after my top set, i decide to do 315lb free weight with straps on. i take a deep breath and work my way down...shaking shaking shaking all the way down. looked like i was having a damn seizure! what makes it more challenging is holding my breath in. with the suit and belt, it makes holding my breath in very difficult like the gear forces me to exhale.

my questions are:
1) is this "shakey" syndrome normal for a first time squat suit user?
2) what are some tips on holding in the breath without the feeling of passing out?
3) I tend to have a problem leaning forward (I'm semi-wide stance), how do i fix this?

any other squat suit tips appreciated